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The Art of Withdrawal: How Moms Can Practice Solitude and Retreat Often

“Find rest, O my soul, in God alone.”

– Psalm 62:5

Withdrawal is what we must all learn.

I don’t know if you had some friends that would always move around with a book when you were growing up? I was one of those kinds of friends. Even at parties, I was sure to always have a book to read in my bag.  And it wasn’t until I was older that I realized that I just did that to avoid conversations with people. I’d rather read than speak with people.

A lot of people believe that I’m an extrovert. They see me mingle with others and they just conclude on my personality type.  The assumption usually is that introverts are quiet and shy people.

While it’s true that some introverts could be quiet and shy, not all fit into that mold. The true mark of introverts is that they enjoy their own company better. They crave alone time and when they don’t get it as often as required, they start to get irritable.

I am an Introvert Mama! I love time by myself. I enjoy my own company and I don’t need anyone to entertain me. I usually have to try to reach out to others actually. And I have no apologies for being who I am.

Growing up, it was awkward. I loved to go out with friends, but in the midst of the chaos, I could be by myself with my book.

While some others may want to unwind by going out or blaring some loud music at the end of the day, an introvert just wants to be alone.

When we speak about silence and solitude, it is not only for introverts. Everyone of God’s children has been called to periodic times of silence and solitude, as modeled by Jesus.

What are some things I have learnt that can help you practice withdrawing from time to time?

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  • Stay Organized: Try to keep a schedule for your daily tasks as much as possible. This helps you to plan your time well and will make you feel less out of control and irritable. If you can study your habits for a day or two, you are likely to find that you function better with structured time.
  • Deliberately Schedule Time Alone Daily: You will only function effectively when you have had some time to yourself on a daily basis. You need that time to refresh and refill your energy tank. Without this, you are likely to become irritable and cranky as the day progresses.
  • Save Your Energy for More Important Things: You will need to decide what things are important to you and spend your time on those things. If you dissipate energy on the trivial, you won’t have energy left for the crucial stuff. Therefore, you need to ensure that nothing else depletes your energy level so much that you miss out on spending quality time with those important people in your life.

Taking a few days off may not be something you can do right now, but I believe you can still cope with these few tips. They have helped me a great deal in practicing frequent times of silence and solitude.

Prayer Moment

Thank You, Lord, for loving me and caring so much for me. Today, I ask for wisdom to direct my path right. So that I may apply my heart to wisdom.

Help me, Lord, to see how much You love and delight in me. May I never lose my wonder of Your presence, and may my life continue to bring glory and honor to You in Jesus’ name. Amen


Oluseye Ashiru

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