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Stay-At-Home Mom? You Need To See This

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Life has a way of throwing things at you and sometimes even things you never planned for especially in the area of marriage. Being a staying at home mom, can be voluntary or it can be thrust on you but either way, when you find yourself there, either temporarily or for the long haul, you will have to decide to make it work.

How can staying at home work in this day and time?

If you consider the career milestones, social dexterity, and entrepreneurial escapades your mates or at least women are making in the society and world at large, it may just make you feel insignificant and look like you are not doing much. But you are. There are seasons in life, some are busy, some are quiet. Just recognize which you are in.

  • First things first, you need to be ready emotionally – so you will be ready to give answers to numerous questioning coming your way.
  • Decide how long you will like to be at home with the children (2-7years), have a vision for it (train your children morally, support academically etc.)


  • Have a plan for personal growth (reading books, listen to the news, participate in online trainings)
  • Make your home a priority – husband and children. Afterall, that’s why you’re home.
  • Have a plan for cash inflow( business, online blogging) learn valuable skills (cooking, tailoring, language and speech, home making etc.) and see value in what you are offering to your family. If you don’t look down on yourself, no one will. So, keep your head up high and invest in your family.

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Benefits of being a stay-at-home mom includes bonding with children, ability to easily recognize warning signals of abuse, time to do homework and assignments, ability to support and manage the home more effectively, sufficient time for personal developments, opportunity to learn skills and vocation relevant to you.

On the whole, remember the choice to stay at home or to be on the move, is yours but it can be rewarding if you put the period in perspective not just looking at what the society demands.

It also important you check to see what your family uniquely needs. Stay-at-home mode will not work for every woman just like being on the move will also not work for every woman. The key is to discover your calling and season, stick to it having your family’s best interest at heart.


God bless you,

Blessing Onwuamah.

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  1. This article is Spot On.
    I remember when I stayed home full time as well because of the kids.
    Sometimes, I may have felt like the world was passing me by, but in that period, I learnt so much. I developed myself in whatever ways I could find. So that when the time came to go back to work, I didn’t feel like there was a big gap.
    Even though I am back at work now, my job still leaves me room for my kids. And well, my time at home wasn’t wasted either, I have two blogs to show for that period.
    Well Done Blessing.

  2. I’m thankful to God for the inspiration! Thank you Mojisola, Fashionandstylepolice, and Seye. We all need to remember that every season has its beauty and its burden, but its the perspective that counts! God bless us all!

    1. I have actually noticed that we have more stay at home moms than dads and most dads who choose to stay home or work from home are not usually viewed in the same light as the women.
      Or maybe it’s the way they carry themselves that makes the difference. I doubt if there are many men who would spend all their stay at home time washing and scrubbing and really doing every single thing a woman would do.
      You may find that in a number of situations the woman will still come home from work to clean up the mess.
      I am not a man though and so I can only speak so much. If we have any man who is experienced in this regard, we would love to hear from them.
      Thanks for enriching the discussion.

  3. Thank you TJGM for your question. I do agree with Seye because, its really not the same even if the man works from home. He could just be in his man-cave all day working on his system/paperwork/equipments and really not do any house chores, but he is home. A woman really cannot afford to do that even though she works at home. Chores, school runs, watching the children and meal preparations must go on side by side with her work.