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I hear the Word Potential, and I immediately think of An Item Loaded with So Much Power!

Imagine a Nuclear Weapon – at least we hear of Nuclear Bombs that can prevent life from ever surviving in a certain territory – It has the capability to do so much.

Now think back to the word POTENTIAL.

Potential refers to the Inherent Ability of a thing or person.

In other words, it is in You – Period! You don’t need to do anything to put it there, it’s just there.

There is a Simple Difference Between Potential Energy and Kinetic Energy:

Simply put, Potential Energy is Energy an object possesses in its present position or State. Kinetic Energy on the Other Hand is Energy gathered because of Motion.

If You don’t Move, You Can’t Make Impact!

nothing ventured

The Nuclear Weapon remains a Potent Weapon until it is fired, you know. So also, we remain full of potential until we do something about it. No matter what level of potential is in you, it will only remain a Potential till it is utilized.

How Do You Utilize and Maximize Your Potential?

  • Develop Your Natural Gifting and Abilities – Don’t Just Sit There, Do something to Sharpen Your Skills
  • Learn From Others Who Have The Same Inclinations as You – The easiest way to learn is to leverage on the gifts and abilities of others. You can prevent many mistakes by learning from the experiences of others. They also inspire you to want to aim for the Stars
  • Find and Discover New Ways To do Things – Be Creative and Innovative. Don’t forget that “We have the Mind of Christ…”
  • Organize Your Life and Use Your Time Wisely – Don’t Settle for a life of chaos. Even God is organized – He didn’t create the entire world in one day; He had Time allotted for everything. Organize your time and apportion it for the important things in your life. Don’t waste time on things that will not bring you closer to your Dreams.
  • Act Even When You Don’t Feel Like It – That is Discipline. Take bold steps of faith, act on your ideas and dreams. Ask yourself: “What is The worst that can happen if I start this thing?” You won’t know until you take a step!
  • Be Consistent and Persistent – Don’t Give Up! Keep Moving, even when you are only taking Baby Steps. Just make sure you’re moving. You’ll get there!

Turn Your Potentials Into Substance


I wish You The Best As You Take A Step In The Right Direction,

Oluseye Ashiru

This post was first published on www.deardaughterofgod.com

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