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One Reason Your Goal Seems Elusive – I Got This Lesson From Swimming!

Hi Dear Mom,

I sent out a Newsletter to my email subscribers during the week and I asked them if they were getting frustrated with not being able to get your goals on course.

You can check out that newsletter here if you’re not yet an email subscriber. [I wonder if you know what you’re missing out on though].
I learnt a huge lesson over the weekend that sort of reinforced my thoughts about why we set goals that remain unattainable.

My hubby had, as one of his year goals, to learn how to swim this year. I, for one, couldn’t really be bothered about learning to swim.

Over the weekend, we took a short family vacation and had the opportunity to begin swimming lessons. I thought why not? I opted in and decided to tag along. At some point, I got tired and I realized I wasn’t too keen on getting the lessons done anymore.
Hubby that started shortly after I did had even gone beyond me in learning and I just did not want to continue anymore.

He looked at me and said “What’s going on?”.

I answered him “My Why is not strong enough”.
We laughed over it and I continued with my swimming lessons shortly afterwards.

I kept pondering over what I said though.

One of the reasons a lot of our goals do not see the light of day is because the reason we are reaching for those goals do not resonate deeply with who we are.


In setting our goals, we start at the end point and not at the beginning. If your Why isn’t strong enough, you will give up on the goal along the way and you will not have enough motivation to keep going when you meet with challenges along the way.

So, it’s time for a Review of the goals that you can’t seem to achieve.

Deal with your Why and you’ll see a huge difference in how motivated you are to fulfill the goals.

If you need help with this let’s chat and see how I can be of help to you, and you can gain clarity about your plans and ideas.

In other News, I’ll be holding a GROUP SESSION with a few Moms in a few weeks from today where I’ll be taking them through a session on DISCOVERING THEIR PROFITABLE PASSION. If you know you’re at a loss on where your passion lies, and you need help in this regard, you can reach me by clicking on the link below and I’ll be glad to be of help to you. This offer is only open for the next one week, It will end by Friday, June 10, 2016.


Have a Great Week Ahead,

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