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“Mummy You Forgot To Hug Daddy” – How God Used My 2 -Year Old To Teach Me A Valuable Lesson

My two year old daughter never misses her goodbye hug. If she goes out, she will come back to say “Mummy, big hug..”

And I would take some time to give her a hug and also give my husband another hug as they set out for the day.

This morning, she came in as usual, and as they stepped out of the door, she said:

“Mummy, you forgot to hug Daddy”

So, my husband came back to get his hug and I smiled at this little angel that God has put into my life to remind me of the simple things of life.

While it’s true that mothers are usually under a lot of pressure, it’s also true that we can remember not to take our marriages for granted. In spite of the pressures we face, we need to be deliberate in watering love, affection and desire in our marriages.

The best model for marriage your kids will get is from yours. Do whatever you can to ensure that your example is a good one.

This quote from another piece I wrote a while back seems to sum up this matter of showing affection in your marriage.

Affection is key to the overall success of any home.

Every marriage needs doses of affection from time to time. Affection is the nourishment of the ‘soul’ of every marriage. It is an expression of the Love between a man and a woman, shown in different ways. Too many marriages are starving for affection and you must realize that it is very important to your marriage and vital to connecting with your spouse. If yours is one of those marriages, you need to get to express your need for affection to your spouse, if not you may be tempted to find affection in the wrong things or places – it may even lead to an affair if care is not taken.

While I have always believed that Valentine’s Day is just another day, I will also like to encourage you to use the next three days (leading up to Valentine’s Day) to show affection to your spouse in the little ways.

Think about it, what can I do to make my spouse happy? Can I serve him in a different way? You’ll be amazed at how far those things will go. It’s not always in the big gifts. Do something they’ll cherish forever.

PS: If you’re feeling like your marriage is not even worth the effort, and there’s too much trouble going on around you, I’d like to share a word of prayer with you and I trust God for a turn around for your home and marriage in Jesus name. Please, do those affectionate things for your spouse too, who knows? It may just be the turning point in your marriage.

Father Lord, I thank You for this your child reading this right now. Thank You because You know them and their particular situation. Lord, I pray that You will intervene in their marriage. Let Your healing balm soothe every rough area of their home and marriage. We receive wisdom to navigate these murky waters they are in right now. Lord, where they need to make adjustments, let them know. Where they need to fight for their marriage, give them the grace to do so. Lord, let this home receive a fresh dose of Your Love in Jesus name.

Thank You Lord because we have received answers to our prayer in Jesus name.

I’ll definitely like to hear from You!

Don’t forget to share your tips on how you’re making your marriage more affectionate. We all are learning from one another.

Your Sister in Love,

Oluseye Ashiru

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  1. I am proud to watch you grow to be a blessing to all.i love you.

  2. I like your new theme, if my eyes are not deceiving me. These days the amount of mail that I receive each day is something else. I don’t even know how those big bloggers cope with getting round their readers. I realize that I haven’t been around for a while.

    1. My sister, I was just looking at your blog today and saying to myself, How does Jacqueline do this? She must be very disciplined. Lol. I am always changing things around, until I find the one that settles nicely with me. This one has actually been there for a while, I must really like it.
      Thanks Sis.
      You know you’ve been busy writing, no time to move around. Well done!!!
      Thanks for stopping by.

      1. Thank you Sis. Those ‘big blogs’ usually have staff working with them and other contributors too you know.
        But I’m sure you can handle it, I trust you can. Grace is available.

    1. Thank you for stopping by! Yes, we shouldn’t rush through life so much that we overlook the simple pleasures of life.
      I love your blog!

  3. Nice post. I’ve been married 56 years. A few tips. Just keep caring for each other, even when things are not going right, never give up. Remember why you married the man in your life. I didn’t take lightly my wedding vows, I still remember them, they mean everything to me. Love and caring for each other is easy.

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