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Monday Motivation – Change Your Life This Very Moment

This very moment, we can change our lives. There never was a moment, and never will be, when we are without the power to alter our destiny. This second, we can turn the tables on Resistance.

This second, we can sit down and do our work”

– Steven Pressfield [The War of Art]

It’s another week!

Take a look at the last week. Did you do what you set out to do?

If you did, bravo! If you didn’t, what stopped you?

Was it procrastination? Did you tell yourself that you would start tomorrow?

You know the amazing thing about procrastination and why it’s such a powerful thing is that it is subtle. It will never tell you to let go of your dreams, it will only tell you to move it until the next minute, hour, day, week, year…

Unfortunately, procrastination can become a habit! You keep allowing it until it’s too late to do anything about your dreams.

Another opportunity to beat procrastination is here. Just get it done.


Decide that this week, you will work on your goals, dreams, desires and passion. Make up your mind that nothing will stop you. Do what you can to ensure that you do not keep putting off the things that are important to you.

What will you be doing this week?

Remember: This very moment you can sit down and do your work.

In other News, I’ll be holding a GROUP SESSION exclusively for Moms in a few weeks from today where I’ll be taking them through a session on DISCOVERING THEIR PROFITABLE PASSION. If you know you’re at a loss on where your passion lies, and you need help in this regard, you can reach me by clicking on the link below and I’ll be glad to be of help to you. This offer is only open for the next one week, It will end by Friday, June 10, 2016.



Have a Productive Week,

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