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Moms in History – Perseverance For The Prodigal

Angela Yuan
Persevering for the Prodigal Child

“Mom is and will always be my prayer warrior! Like the persistent widow, my mother bombarded heaven with her prayers.” – Christopher Yuan

Angela Yuan and her husband were atheists. They had no care for God or His ways. They were hardworking people who were very much concerned about the education and training of their
children. So, they worked so hard for long hours to have a good life as a family. These long hours put a serious strain on their marriage and their sons were also living as they wished, not caring much for
anything of value.

“I am gay”. These were the words that Christopher said to his mother Angela, after Leon his father had found a hidden stash of gay pornography that he had hidden. He was forced to admit what no parent would want to hear. The shame and the pain in those words led her to give her child an ultimatum that
resulted in them telling him to choose the gay lifestyle or leave home.

He chose to leave home, and lived a life of total depravity, living openly gay and frequenting gay clubs. When Angela believed she could no longer live with the shame, she resolved to take her own life. She made up her mind to visit her son one last time and take her own life afterward. Before she left, she paid a visit to the chaplain who told her about the love of Jesus. Getting to her son’s school, she told him she loved him and decided to make a turn around with her turn around with her life.

She bought a Bible and began a rigorous study of God’s word and committed to praying for her son, asking God to save him no matter what. But, instead of things getting better, it looked like they were worse. Three months short of his graduation from dental school, Christopher was to be kicked out of dental school. This led him into a life of of even more depravity as a gay man, doing drugs and eventually becoming a drug dealer. He was sentenced to 6 years in prison by the authorities for drug dealing.

Angela did not stop praying. She even converted a shower stall in her home into a prayer room and would fast and pray every Monday for her son. She once fasted for 39 days straight interceding for her son. On his third day in prison, Christopher found a Bible lying in a pile of trash and began to read it. This brought about a about a turnaround in his life. He began to set his affections on Jesus and gradually a turnaround came for him.

Eventually, he completed his prison sentence and got enrolled in Moody Bible Institute as well ass well as Wheaton College.. Today, he goes around preaching God’s word. His mother-Angela, overjoyed that her son had come know the Lord, goes around with him praying over his meetings now (Challies, n.d.)(Challies, n.d.).

Lessons from Angela Yuan

It’s not how you start that matters. God can bring a turnaround for you in your life, marriage,
family and motherhood. Maybe you also did not begin raising your family as a Christian, it does not matter much to God, as He is in the business of helping us to find a complete turnaround in our

Do you currently have a prodigal or rebelling child? Stay persevering in prayers, don’t give up on that child! Keep praying, trusting that God can do even much more than he has promised. Maintain a routine of praying over your child deliberately and intentionally. Keep handing your child over to the Lord always.

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