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Moms Achieving Purpose

“I am a MAP”.

My son looked at me curiously.

I said, “Yes, I am a MAP. I am a Mom Achieving Purpose”.

Then, he smiled like “Oh, Mummy”.

Finally, we have moved to our new site and I am so excited to be doing this today.

So, you are also a MAP.

As a map and as a MAP, what essential traits should you have?

What is a map and what does a map do?

A map is a description of an area of land. It is a diagrammatic representation of a certain land mass or area. It used to be a sheet of paper bearing markings for the purpose of giving direction. Nowadays though, a map is everywhere on our digital devices, and not restricted to paper only.

A Map helps to know the distance we will need to travel. Why is this important? So that adequate preparation can be made for the trip to be embarked upon. As a Mom Achieving Purpose [MAP], isn’t that what we should be all about? We should be planners and strategists. We should know what we need to do to get our families from here to there.

A Map gives a sense of direction. It helps you to locate where you are at every given time. You never feel like you’re lost with a map because as long as you know where you are, you are never really lost. As MAPS, we usually stand as a beacon of light pointing out the direction for our children. By virtue of interacting with our children more for the most part, we find that we are in a position to give them a sense of direction. How does one give direction when one is lost though? This simply means that a mom needs to also have that sense of direction and purpose.

A Map also helps to be efficient in utilizing resources effectively. When you have a sense of purpose and you know where you are going, you will not waste resources going around in circles. If you find yourself going around in circles, then you need to upgrade to the status of a MAP.

A Map is useful in times of uncertainty. It never changes with the weather condition or with the prevailing economic situations and circumstances. A Map remains in its purpose no matter what may be going on around it. It simply does not change color or size or shape because of situations. You are a MAP. As a MAP, I need to remember to stay in my calling no matter what the prevailing circumstances around may be like. I am a mom parenting intentionally in spite of what my schedule is like or what work load I have. I am on a Journey into God’s purpose and I must achieve that purpose.

Dear Mom, never forget that you are a MAP. You cannot afford to be just about cereals and diapers. You are a mom on a journey into purpose.


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