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Internet Safety Series #3 – 8 Strategies To Create An Internet Safer Home

Do you want to create an Internet safer home for your children?

Using The Internet is like riding a bike.

You need to support your child through that journey, helping them to do it right.

If you leave them on their own too early, they can definitely sustain serious injuries.


8 Strategies for an Internet safer home Moms Achieving Purpose Blog


In our last two vlogs in our Internet Safety series we talked about the risk factors on the internet and the Apps that our children are constantly exposed to.

In this vlog, you can learn what to do to support your child and equip them for this tricky road to the use of the internet.

JOIN me as I share with you 8 Strategies you should know about to create an Internet Safer home for your children.




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Oluseye Ashiru

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