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Faith-Based Mentoring Experience for Families in Diaspora

F.A.M.E. is our transformational Faith-based Mentoring Experience for Kingdom Ambassadors and Envoys - anyone who is living in diaspora or away from their original country of origin

Have you moved to a new country recently or maybe you even moved many years ago?

Do you feel as though the 'fire' and passion you came into the new country with is gradually fading out?

Do you feel overwhelmed by the culture around you, and it's as though you are fighting a lost battle?

Has the race to make a living and get the bills paid snuffed out your fervency?

Are you assailed by the feelings of false comfort - where you know that you are at ease, but in a worrisome way that keeps you longing for more?

Are you worried about the impact of culture, environment and systems in your new country and how it will affect you and your family?

Does it feel as though the many desires in your heart about your new country cannot happen now?

Are you wondering if indeed it was a mistake to move into this new country?

Are you assailed by feelings of guilt about leaving your country and what was familiar to this strange land?

Has the euphoria of new opportunities faded off, leaving you with this dissatisfaction in your heart?

Does it feel like your heart is growing cold everyday and you know you need a revival?

Do you desire to be in a kingdom community of Christians that will support you to THRIVE & FLOURISH in this new land?

What if we told you that there are those who have moved to a new country and have not lost their fervency, faith, family or focus to the whims and caprices of a new country?

What if we showed you how to truly dominate the culture and the systems where you find yourself, so that you can live out a life of truth, conviction and abundance?

That is exactly what our F.A.M.E. Program will do for you!

This is your opportunity to ignite your heart spiritually, focus on your faith, raise godly children and enjoy an exceptional marriage and family life.

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We created the F.A.M.E. Program particularly for you

You are the reason we created the Family Ambassadors Mentoring Experience.

Join our brand new F.A.M.E. Program that will support you and your family to truly flourish as God has ordained you to in that land.

You are God’s envoy and ambassador and He has given you all you need to truly be His representative in your country.

Sign Up to join us and get access to our mentoring resources.

Who is the F.A.M.E Program for?

F.A.M.E. is a Faith-based Mentoring Experience for Ambassadors - anyone who is living in diaspora or away from their original country of origin

What You Get When You Sign Up

When you join F.A.M.E. you get access to our full resource bank with hundreds of resources on Spiritual growth, family life, marriage, parenting and living out God’s purpose for your life.

You get the opportunity to connect with others living in diaspora in various countries of the world.

When you join the program, you will find resources that support your learning on thriving and flourishing in a new country.

You get our 8 Module F.A.M.E. Program curriculum that covers:

  • The Ambassador’s Blueprint
  • The Ambassador’s Assignment
  • The Ambassador’s Spiritual Pillars
  • The Ambassador’s Marriage Patterns
  • The Ambassador’s Parenting Assessment
  • The Ambassador’s Marketplace Paradigms
  • The Ambassador’s Engagement Strategy

F.A.M.E. gives you:


Access to our 6-Focus Study Series on Spirituality, Family, parenting, marriage, kingdom living and dominating and impacting your world.


When you join F.A.M.E., you get access to our library of courses on various topics for you as an individual and to support your family.


Our Vibrant Kingdom-focused Christ-Centred Community is a vibrant community of women from across the world, and you get to join us when you sign up for the F.A.M.E. Program

The Community is where you get the opportunity to grow and learn with others.

Being a part of an exclusive social network of other Christians is a game-changer for your growth.


The F.A.M.E. program is an on-going mentoring program with LIVE TEACHING SESSIONS monthly throughout the duration of the program.

Each month, we will have a live sessions, with replay access to accommodate you wherever you live across the world.

You get to study and learn, and also review your learnings with others in our community, and get an opportunity to connect and engage with others from across the world.


Part of our commitment to you in our F.A.M.E. program is that you get the support of our seasoned mentors with their video teachings and support resources made available to you as part of the mentoring experience.


When you join F.A.M.E., you get access to our Study Guides, Devotionals and E-bbok library to support you in your journey to thriving and flourishing in a  new country.

About Our Program Lead Mentor

Oluseye Ashiru is a woman on a mission – a mission to support you to thrive in every area of your life.

She moved to Canada in December 2018 with her husband and 3 children, and she has witnessed first hand what moving to a new country can do your faith, family, focus and fervency.

While navigating settling into a new country in the last few years, Oluseye did not allow her fervency, faith and family to suffer the peculiar challenges of settling in a new country.

She has successfully published 5 books in the last 4 years, developed several courses, programs and initiatives to support families to thrive globally.

She has mentored thousands, appeared in news publications, spoken across global platforms including Canada, UK, U.S.A., Nigeria & Ireland.

Oluseye has supported families and given others an opportunity to be ignited and continue to carry the kingdom mindset wherever they find themselves.

She founded Families Arising Resource Centre, Rooted Disciples Bible School, Mom Youniversity and very recently co-founded Living Boldly Inc., all in the space of the few years that she has been in Canada.

Oluseye has carried a burden to support those living in diaspora for a while now, and this is why the F.A.M.E. program was born, to ignite a desire for kingdom dominance and influence across Christians in diaspora, wherever they may find themselves.

She will be here in F.A.M.E. to support your journey as the Lead Mentor, so you can to flourish without compromising your faith and family in a new country.

What You Get Access To in Addition to The Mentoring Program

Access To All Our Course Resources

Access To Our Study Books & Devotionals

Access To Member-Only Events & Trainings

What is Your Investment?

F.A.M.E. Annual Plan

GET 12-month access renewable annuallly
$ 199
  • 12-Month Live Mentoring Access
  • 12-Month Access to All Family Resources
  • 12-Month Access to our F.A.M.E. Community
  • 12-Month Access To All Courses
  • 12-Month Access To Marriage Course Bundle
  • 12-Month Access To Discipleship Bundle
  • Access To Premium Community

You were created to flourish and thrive in your new country.

Today is a day to take a step towards flourishing.

I don't live in diaspora, what about me? How can I be mentored too? We have you covered!

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