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Are you wondering about how to get faith-based Easter resources for your family?

Do you want to experience the joy, light and peace that this Easter season brings?

Let's shut down all the noise around us this season and focus on the true reason for the season - the life, death and resurrection of Jesus.

Beyond easter eggs, easter bunnies and chocolate, it is time to rediscover the true meaning of Easter.

We created the 'Easter with Families Arising' Resources for you and your family

You are the reason we created the Easter at Families Arising Resources.

When you sign up, you get resources that will help your family stay centered on Jesus in this season.

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The Perfect Redemption Easter Devotional is a collection of faith-filled devotionals for children to keep their hearts focused on Jesus in this season.

‘Perfect Redemption’ is a 4-week themed devotional for kids, with lessons drawn from characters in the Easter story in the Bible.


This devotional has been specially designed and put together for you to enjoy this Easter season and ultimately to CELEBRATE JESUS’ RESURRECTION!


Each week, you get weekly and daily devotionals, a memory verse, a word for the day and a simple prayer to wrap up the lesson for each day


At the end of the week, there are simple and fun activities to engage the children and reinforce the lessons learnt.

The activity pages such as the coloring sheets and puzzles can be printed out for the children to work on.

4-Week Study

4-Week Study

Easter Devotionals

Easter Devotionals

Easter Podcast

Easter Podcast

Weekly Kids Book Club

Weekly Kids Book Club

Family Easter Resources

Family Easter Resources

What You Get When You Sign Up

The Easter with Families Arising resources have been developed as a way to give you FREE ACCESS to celebrate this season with joy, peace and devotion in this season.

When you join the study, you will find resources that support you and your family.





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