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Busy Mom? 4 Simple Tips To Make Your Mornings Easier

Do you feel as if your mornings are usually a race against the clock?

Do you spend half your mornings screaming and rushing through everything?

Sometimes, we can be overwhelmed, agreed, but if you seem to find yourself in this situation every single morning, then you need to make some adjustments that will make things run more smoothly for you.

I bet you’ll find that these tips will make life easier and give you some room to catch your breath.

tip 1

#TIP 1: Get Ready The Night Before:

I find this extremely helpful.

I sort out almost everything the night before, and leave only what can’t be sorted till morning.

Uniforms are laid out, school snacks packed, water bottles filled…

I only leave till the morning things like heating up the food for school and boiling water.

This is very refreshing, believe me.

tip 2

#TIP 2: Wake Up at least 30 Minutes Earlier:

I have tried this and it has worked for me.

I actually get up at least 30 minutes earlier than everyone else (my regular routine is 60 minutes earlier actually).

If you don’t like to get up in the mornings, then getting up 30 minutes or 1 hour before everyone else won’t really make a lot of difference to your sleep.

And it actually is nice to have some time of quiet before the chaos starts.

I spend this time to read my bible while the food is heating up and I find that by the time the kids get up, I am in a more relaxed and calmer state of mind.

tip 3

#TIP 3:Get The Kids Involved:

When my kids were much younger, I had the responsibility of getting all their things ready for the next day, but as they grew older I started to shift some of the responsibility to them.

Now, the three of them (aged 10, 8 and 4) get all their stuff ready for school the evening before, I just supervise.

The only thing that’s still my responsibility is to get food ready.

Kids can do much more than we usually give them credit for.

That way, you can make them more responsible while also reducing the number of things you need to worry about.

tip 4

#TIP 4:Get Into A Routine:

This serves the purpose of helping you to be more organized in your thoughts and also helps the kids to know what exactly to expect and do in the mornings.

You can use a Morning Routine checklist to keep a tab on things for you or the Kids Morning Checklist to guide your kids.

You can get FREE ACCESS to the resources mentioned in this post and to my Ultimate Mom Resource Bundle here

These tips above are those that I have tried and tested and they work.

You may want to try them out.

I’ll like to hear from you, share your own tips with other moms.

Or, let us know if you have tried any of these tips, and your experience.


Oluseye Ashiru

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  1. We always fall out of our morning routine. We did really well when the kids had picture chore cards before they could read. They faithfully followed their cards every morning. Hmm. maybe I need to make up some new ones? It always seems that the morning will determine how the rest of the day goes.

    1. Suzanne, thanks for the feedback.
      I have also found it to be true that my day is usually determined by my morning!
      Getting my morning right is essential for me.
      You really may need to have some new cards as you thought, especially as you’ve found something that works for you.
      All the Best.

  2. Organisation, planning is the way forward don’t say i’ll do it later get it done with and move on to the next! Get your things sorted before stretching your leg!!! This is soooo True ma.

  3. Hello Seye. I believe i’m getting to read this at the best time. My mornings have always tended to be so chaotic!! I started this year telling myself it’s insanity to continue same way and expect different results.
    So resonating on your thoughts, I started prepping school uniforms and other stuff night or days before. Waking up a bit earlier also. And i’ll keep you posted on my accomplishment. ??

    1. Thanks Abiola for this beautiful feedback. I agree with you that it could get chaotic in the mornings when everyone is rushing off. One can end up feeling burnt out so early in the morning after doing so many things.
      I’ll look forward to hearing that you’re doing great with this. All the best.

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