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Beyond Proverbs 31 – The Role of Women

Our model Scriptures when it comes to how we should live our lives as women is often restricted to Proverbs 31. If we stretch that a bit, we can mention Ephesians 5.

Should my role as a woman only be limited to these portions of Scripture. By the way, these only address married women. So, what should a single woman do? Nothing?

No wonder our society makes us feel like your life as a single person is only a life in transit – just marking time until a man comes into the picture.

But, the Bible never limited the purpose a woman is to serve to their Marital Status.

Looking through the entire Bible, I simply did not find anywhere where it states that without marriage a woman cannot walk in her God Given Purpose and Destiny.

All the great women who achieved awesome things for God didn’t do them because they were married. The names of their husbands may have been mentioned but they did awesome things for God in their own right.

For instance, Deborah stood as a Judge in Israel. I didn’t find it recorded anywhere that she was in that position because her husband had anything to do with it. In fact nothing about domestic activities was mentioned about her.

Another example, on the heels of the Deborah’s Story, was Jael who defeated Sisera. She single handedly finished off an enemy without fear. A courgeous woman indeed.

We can find so many examples like that through Scriptures.


Why do we think that the measure of a woman should be about how much time she spends tending a home?

So, Dear Daughter of God, do not limit your calling or your purpose to your marriage. If the Lord has called you to undertake a journey into purpose, it’s because He knows there’s Grace and strength for that level.

Live your life like any other child of God. Don’t let marriage, children (or the lack of them) hinder you from entering into the fullness of God’s plans.

Live Your life beyond Proverbs 31! You are first a Child of God.


Oluseye Ashiru

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  1. This post spoke right to me. While I do pray marriage happens someday, for too long I’ve delayed in making certain decisions, believing that my husband would come along. Then the years continued to pass. I must live in the purpose that God has for me now. Thank you!

    1. Thank God for sending us His word when we need it the most! I pray that You will find the courage to Keep fulfilling God’s purpose for Your life. I wish you the very best of God.

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