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Back To School Prayers for Mothers + Free Download

As our children face a new school term, it is important that we remember to cover them in prayer.

I just want us to take some time to pray for our children as they begin a new school term.


[Do you want our Back To School prayer Guide? You can get access to this and other back to school resources here]

It’s another School Term and I love to cover my children in prayers each time they begin another school term.

Why You Should Pray

Don’t take it for granted that your child will do excellently well in school. We have seen brilliant children who don’t do well in school. It may be due to sickness or ill health, distractions by friends, a teacher just does not like your child and will do all to frustrate that child… There are so many things that the enemy of our souls will want to try to prevent our children from being the best that the Lord has ordained them to be.

Today, we will war in the Spirit concerning our seeds and specifically concerning this school term.

Please use this format.

You are free to add and modify as the Spirit of God leads you to.

Thanksgiving For The Past School Term

• Thank You Father for the privilege to spend time praying. We appreciate You Lord for the assurance You have given unto us that as we call, You will hear us and answer every petition we bring before You.
• Thank You Lord for Your protection and grace throughout the first term of school in this session. We return all the glory unto Your Holy Name.
• Thank You Lord for keeping my children throughout the holidays in peace and for enabling them to resume back to school in good health.


• Lord, we ask that the Heavens be open upon our children wherever they may find themselves now [especially for those in the boarding houses] and we declare that angels are on assignment to grant speedy answers to all of our requests concerning our children.
• We declare that as we speak into Your ears oh Lord, You will do for us and so much more concerning our children in Jesus name.
“…No evil will conquer you; no plague will come near your home”– Psalm 91:10
• Father, I declare that my child is kept under Your wings of protection in this school term and beyond in Jesus name.
• You, [mention child’s name] are kept from every evil plan of the enemy as you go to and fro each day. The Lord will watch over you in the car, as you walk, on the school bus, on field trips in Jesus name. No evil will befall you in Jesus name. I secure you from every accident, kidnapping, as you travel to and from school.
• I ask that on the playground and within the school premises, you are safe. You remain under the shadow of the almighty and you are safe from every form of danger – molestation, abuse, physical harm…in the name of Jesus.
• We pray for favor for you in your school work. We declare that you are the head and not the tail. You will remain above only and never beneath in Jesus name.
• I secure every friendship and association of my child by the blood of Jesus. I declare that no one that will affect the destiny of my child negatively will come their way. I sever evil friendship and association that will adversely affect my child physically, emotionally, spiritually in Jesus name.
• You [mention child’s name] will walk only with wise. You will not be a companion of fools in Jesus name. Value adding friendships will be yours as you navigate this school term in Jesus name.
• Father, I pray for strength for my child. I receive physical strength and I declare that you [mention child’s name] will not be weary in Jesus name.
• I ask Lord that my child will not be sick, good health is yours during this term. I will not have any reason to panic over you. I will not have any cause to be called on an emergency concerning you in Jesus name.
• I will not weep or sorrow over you my seed in Jesus name.
The Lord will keep you free from every disease. He will not inflict on you the horrible disease you knew in Egypt – Deuteronomy 7:15a
• You, [mention child’s name] are strengthened in your soul. You are emotionally strong. You will not be depressed, you will not be discouraged. When others are cast down in their spirits, you will be lifted up in the name of Jesus.
• I receive for you the spirit of boldness – boldness to say No to every vice and to every negative and ungodly counsel in Jesus name.
• You will not be influenced to do evil. You will hear the voice of the Lord leading you to do right in every decision. You will not follow friends and companions to do evil in the name of Jesus.
“The Lord is my strength and shield. I trust him with all my heart. He helps me, and my heart is filled with joy. I burst out in songs of thanksgiving” – Psalm 28:7
• Lord, I pray for my child against every bully and bullying activity. I declare that you [mention child’s name] will be strong enough to speak up. No one will intimidate you, you will not be oppressed.
• I say concerning you that you will find expression for your opinions and no one will hold you to ransom with their own opinions in Jesus name. I declare that the Lord will be with you, defending you as a mighty terrible one. The Lord will bear you up and grant you strength, boldness and courage in Jesus name.
• I ask for the confidence from above to be yours. No one will belittle you or make you feel small. You will not be affected by cyber bullying, social bullying, verbal bullying or physical bullying in Jesus name.
• I pray concerning School Tests and Examinations for this term. I declare that you will excel. You will not fail but you will triumph valiantly in the name of Jesus.
• I ask that the Lord will be with you and keep your minds safe and secure. The Lord will grant you peace round about in Jesus name.
• I declare that your memory is blessed, you will retain and at the right time, you will be able to articulate your thoughts in Jesus name. The spirit of excellence is resting upon you more than ever before and you will be the best in everything you do.
• At the end of this school session, we will see your hand of miracle and power Lord, upon the life of each child brought before You in Jesus name.
• We receive answers with thanksgiving in the name of Jesus.

Do you want our Back To School prayer Guide? You can get access to this and other back to school resources here

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